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As one of the world's most visited countries, France continues to reign as a global center of culture, style, art and cuisine.


Spain really does have it all, from incredible landscapes and beaches, to world-famous cuisine and rich history.

Not to mention fantastic museums and striking architecture.


From an isolated backwater behind the Iron Curtain, Croatia has transformed itself into Eastern Europe's 'Riviera'. Sun worshippers discovered the miles of sunny, pristine beaches and dramatic cliffs of the Dalmatian coast.


With its picturesque old towns and medieval architecture, wild forests and powdery-sand beaches, humming city life and imaginative culinary scene, Poland is a country that's as captivating as it is surprising.


For a glimpse of the Scandinavian way of life and some days of pure relaxation, put Denmark on your bucket list to experience a great culture scene, stunning landscapes, and a vivid nightlife.


There’s no way around it, Germany has firmly established itself as a first rate travel destination, not just for the well-informed few but for the happy-go-lucky crowds of tourists from all over the world too.

In case anyone wonders why: this country has much more to it than meets the eye.


Slovenia has just started to establish its name as a popular travel destination. This small country on the sunny side of the Alps is very diverse and offers something for everyone. Slovenia is home to friendly people, beautiful nature, delicious food, and has a rich history and culture.

It is a great destination for a quick day trip or a week-long relaxing getaway.


Finding an excuse to visit the Netherlands is rarely difficult, thanks to the nation’s charming cities, beautiful countryside, and world-leading cultural attractions.


From its cosmopolitan capital city to its charming countryside, there are plenty of reasons to put a trip to Hungary on your travel bucket list. The central European country offers something for everyone, from mouth-watering food to traditional folk culture.


Once the world’s maritime leader and the longest-lived of Europe’s modern empires, Portugal has a complex history to explore alongside dramatic geographic landscapes, turquoise beaches, a rich gastronomy scene, and all the Port and bacalhau (salted cod fish) you can ask for.


In very little need for introduction, there are a million reasons to travel to Greece. The cradle of Western civilization, ambrosial food, and a fantastic weather are only some of the things that make Greece a wonderful destination all year round.


Ireland is beloved worldwide as an enchanting land where legend and reality mingle. At one point voted by Frommers Guide readers as their favourite holiday destination in the world, it’s now your turn to discover the mystique and charm of the Emerald Isle.


Bordered by Germany, France and Belgium, the small, tiny country of Luxembourg has situated itself right in the heart of Europe. Famous for its ancient-medieval castles, scenic landscape and valleys which produce some of the finest wines in the world.


For years Italy has been one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists from the world over. Culture, beauty, food, history, this small European country has it all and the reasons to visit Italy are endless.


Switzerland may seem relatively small as compared to other European nations but that certainly does not mean that it has less to offer. Rather, it has set itself apart from the rest of Europe – its unparalleled landscapes, peaceful environments and cosmopolitan cities.


No country waltzes so effortlessly between urban and outdoors as Austria. One day you’re cresting alpine summits, the next you’re swanning around imperial Vienna.

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