Cooking with Helen

Cooking with a Twist!


It's a very unusual time for us all at the moment, peoples' lives have changed. For many of us work stopped overnight. We have had to adapt to a new routine, hours that we would once be working we now have to fill. For me, my goto time filler has always been to cook. It's the challenge of a new recipe, whipping up a meal when call in at the last moment, but that’s the challenge and it always makes it fun.

So in these unexpected times that we find ourselves in, it has given me another food challenge, "using what's in the cupboard"! Being only able shop recommended once a week, and finding that I can't always get what is on my shopping list, I find I am now adapting what I have, to create the meals I want to eat even if I don't have the ingredients that the recipe requires.

As mentioned in the Sunday Times and Good Housekeeping.

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