Our Caravan Trip to France

We left our home in Mid-Wales at around 9pm to catch out train at Folkstone at around 5am the next morning, thought it would have been quicker at night but because of overnight motorway closures it still took us 6 hours to drive the 300 miles (in future worth checking on road closures before travelling)

The train was nice and easy with the caravan in tow, once across we had another 100 miles to drive to our first 2 night stay at Camping au Bord de L’Aisne at Guignicourt, both tired after a full night and day of driving we found a lovely pitch and set up before promptly falling asleep in our Lafuma chairs glass of wine in hand.

So after a lovely rest up for 2 days we made it on our way to the campsite called Lac du Panthier It was about a 250 mile drive , near Dijon ,it took about 6 hours with a couple of stops en route to collect essentials like wine and beer 😉 but once there we had a lovely pitch overlooking the lake

We spent 12 nights here, visiting various medeivel villages around the area, like Chateau Neuf , we even had a trip to Beaune, lots of lovely Chateaus to visit in the area. The one below was only 3 miles from us, it was called Chateau Commarin.

Time to leave our wonderful lake side pitch, so glad we had the motor mover so we could put caravan in front ways to make the most of the view. We have a 350 mile trip back to our last 2 night stop near Calais, a brilliant site called chateau de la Bien-Assise , Guines only a 20 minute drive from Calais, so Ideal to stock up on wine etc from the Cite Europe.

A thing to note, if you have a twin axle caravan and it says that the site doesn’t accept twin axle caravans, its usually only there to disuade the travelling community, I phoned sites before arriving to make sure we would be accepted and didn’t have any issues at all.

Driving in Europe was much more pleasant and relaxing than driving in the UK and you can make decent time,, I used to aveage 40mph on a 350 mile journey taking into account short stops along the way, so it would take approximately 5 hours to cover 200 miles, I found this to be a good rule of thumb.

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