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Published 25/09/2018

Introducing - The Caravan Club of Sri Lanka

The Caravan Club of Sri Lanka was established to promote and foster caravanning and motorhoming in Sri Lanka.

There is a growing community of Sri Lankan’s and foreign visitors, passionate on holidaying in caravan’s and motorhomes.

The aim of the club is to bring together like minded individuals to promote fellowship amongst campers and caravanners, protect and promote the rights of caravanning and motorhoming and improve facilities for the same while protecting the environment around Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a tropical country blessed with amazing diversity of culture, natural beauty of the landscape and a complex history stretching back to 543 BC.

The club has a diverse range of camping options from mist capped hills, to dense jungles to sublime beaches, all accessible withing a few short hours drive from each other. Our range of services gives you the freedom to explore these at your own pace.

The Caravan Club of Sri Lanka invites you to join the club in order to foster outdoor holidaying in Sri Lanka and in your country. Members can avail themselves of discounts on rental of Caravan’s and Motorhomes and at parks around the island.

We can also assist you in planning your ideal tour through Sri Lanka.

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